Friday, October 8, 2010

Tossing of the Bouquet

It is a wedding tradition, but why do we do it? The tossing of the bride's bouquet is like having a glass of champagne that night- it is not necessary but certainly makes the evening more fun!

In the old days, it was considered lucky to touch the bride, and even luckier if you were able to tear off a piece of her dress or veil. Imagine someone ripping off a piece of your Monique Lhuillier couture gown - can you say friendship OVER?! The tradition of grabbing fragments of the bride's clothing for luck dates back to 14th century France. In order to prevent single women from invading the bride's personal space, and potentially leaving her half-dressed, the bouquet toss was introduced as a more civilized alternative. This way, the single ladies could still snag the potential of their own happily ever after while leaving the bride's beautiful dress intact.
Today, the bouquet signifies an upcoming engagement or unexpected romance for the lucky (or most aggressive) girl who catches it.