Monday, January 25, 2010

REJOICE Magazine

I wanted to share the good news with all of you to let you know that I am so happy, grateful, humble, and blessed!  I am honored to say that I am featured in a wonderful, inspirational magazine called REJOICE as South Carolina's Premiere Wedding and Event Planner.  The magazine is sold at Barnes and Noble or you can go to their website and purchase a single issue, just make sure it is the Jan/Feb issue that features the cover that I will display on the BLOG! Thanks for everyone support! I pray for more to come!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Groom's Responsibility

The Groom sometimes feel left out during the planning process, because he is not sure of what he should be doing to help out. A lot of couples today are paying and planning the wedding themselves, without help from the parents. Here are list of somethings that have been known by tradition for the groom to take care of, but this is not limited to anything else he would like to contribute to help out with.

1.Help compile guest list, which include proper name, address, and phone numbers of his guest.
2.Purchase bride's engagement and wedding rings.
3.Rent or purchase his wedding attire.
4.Choose all wedding attire and accessories for the male bridal party members.
5.Plan and pay for honeymoon.
6.Obtain all necessary travel documents for the both of you for honeymoon (i.e. passport, birth certificate)
7.Assist in any and all planning of ceremony and reception.
8.Purchase wedding gift for bride.
9.Pay for the bridal bouquet and all corsages and boutonnières for wedding party.
10.Scout out hotels for out-of-town guests.
11.Bring marriage license to ceremony site.
12.Make payments to officiate and musicians.

...or if this list seems to much, then hire a wedding planner (smile)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gifts for the Groomsmen??

Whenever it gets close to the wedding date, and I ask the groom "what gifts do you have for your groomsmen" I always get that dear stuck in the headlight look.  A lot of men never even knew that it was a traditon to get his wedding entourage a token gift of appreciation.  Getting gifts for groomsmen to me in my opinion is an easy task, because the guys are not really fussy, and could even care less. You can get individual gifts, that you know your guys would like and use, more so then getting the traditional cuff links, beer mug, or tie. If one of the guys are in college, get him a gift card to the campus bookstore or his favorite fast food spot, if all of you like golf then pay for everyone tee time, if one of them are traveling very far from out of town, pay for his hotel room, or maybe treat them to the haircut that is needed for the wedding. There are so many unique and personal things that can be done for groomsmen gifts. These gifts are exchanged during the rehearsal dinner.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Man Duties

You have made the wise and important decision in the selection of your Bestman or Bestmen, so now what it happens, besides them standing at the alter looking equally swag as yourself.  Here are list of something you should expect from him.....

1. Assist the groom in selecting tuxedos for the guys in the wedding party. The bride probably has something in mind, so check with her and what the wedding colors are so that you can coordinate the tuxedos to match.

2. Pick up the groom’s tuxedo and accessories before the wedding. Make sure the other groomsmen have their act together in picking up their own attire.

3. The best man is in charge of making sure all the guys get to where they are supposed to be (main events would be the rehearsal dinner and the wedding obviously).

4. Hang out with the groom as he gets ready for the wedding (on the wedding day). Carry smart items such as breath mints, a fully charged cell phone, aspirin, a comb, deodorant, and anything that might come in handy on a wedding day emergency.

5. Make sure that the groom and groomsmen get to the church or ceremony location on time. If a limo hasn’t been rented to take wedding party members to the wedding ceremony location, it is up to the best man to figure out how all the guys are supposed to get to their appointed destination. Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car.

6. The best man usually holds onto the bride’s ring until the groom needs to place it on her finger.
7. The best man usually is a witness to the wedding and signs the formal wedding license.

8. The best man gives toasts to the bride and groom at the reception. Keep it short and sweet. Wish them the best of luck. Praise both the bride and groom as being lovely people and meant for each other. Do not tell any sordid stories that might embarrass the bride or groom. Sure, people would laugh but don’t risk it. The bride will never forgive you!

9. If the bride and groom are leaving directly after the reception to start their honeymoon, the best man sees them off. Assist the groom in getting luggage into the car and doublechecking that the groom has his wallet, credit cards, cell phone, passport (if applicable) and tickets.

10. After the wedding, the best man usually makes sure to return any rented tuxedos and accessories.

11. The best man typically organizes the bachelor party. Do not have this the night before the wedding. The groom might be hung over, late to the wedding and take terrible pictures! Be sensible and make sure to do the bachelor party sometime during the last month before the wedding. The farther away from the wedding day, the better!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuxedo or Suit What's the Difference?

Tuxedo the jackets have a satin lapel and the pants have a satin stripe down the outside legs. Tuxedo shirts often have a pleated front, as well as being compatible with studs and cuff links, which now are being worn with just a plain dress shirt.. Patent leather shoes are worn with tuxedos. Cummerbund. is the long piece of satin fabric that wraps around the stomach area, and are worn with tuxedos, and especially at black tie affairs, and accompany with a bow tie. Traditionally, a tuxedo has a curved "shawl" lapel or a pointed "peak" lapel, but today, the majority of tuxedos have "notch" lapels like those of a common suit. Tuxedos also traditionally have only one button, compared to two or three on suits; but you rarely see this difference anymore

Suits have a self lapel (same fabric as the body of the coat), no satin stripe down the pants, with a plain front dress shirt and ordinary leather shoes are worn.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Raining Men (Hallelujah)

I know there are a lot of ladies that read my BLOG and I am grateful for this, but I have to keep in mind that I don't just have a bride without a groom.  This week Jan.18th - Jan.22 will be dedicated to the men. So if you will please pass the message on to your hubby to be, or any other groom or males, and let them know that each day this week, there will be something on the BLOG dedicated just to them. There will also be a special incentive for any male that register and become a Follower of my BLOG before Jan. 31, 2010 will be put in the drawing to win a......Personalized jumbo crystal shot glass with your name or monogram engraved on it..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congrats to the Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners who names were selected from the drawing at the 2010 Bridal Expo, in which they registerd for an $100.00 Gift Certificate towards Carlson Craft Invitations and the winners are.... (1) Latonya Harris (2) Latoya Williams            (3) Felicia Evans (4) Tabitha Quick
Thank you for all of the other contestants that took the time out to register.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Bridal Expo Feedback

I would like to say thank you to all of the young ladies, and couples that took the time out to stop by my exhibit on yesterday (Jan. 10, 2010) and took the time out to chit-chat with me, and browse thru my displays.  Despite the cold weather, there were so many warm hearted and sincere new people that I was able to meet.  There were a few moments, that I was actually in awe of how many people knew who I was by either viewing my website several times, attending a wedding that I planned in the past, or just by word of mouth, this was very exciting news and proves that your reputation can exceed you, so I make sure I will stay on point. I remain humble and grateful, to everyone for their encouraging words. The colors for exhbit booth were Purple accented by Fuschia (Hot Pink) I will have some pictures from the show real soon, so stay posted.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bridal Expo (Yeah)

Good Morning, I am in the process of getting ready for the Bridal Expo, that will take place this afternoon from 12pm-5pm in Columbia, SC at the State Fair Grounds. I hope to meet some new smiling faces, and prospective excited brides.
More detail information is posted here on the BLOG just scroll down.
I will let you know the results, and post some pictures of the Expo for those of you who were not able to make it. If you are not already one of my lovely clients, and were not able to make the expo, become a follower of my BLOG before February 1, 2010 and I will email, you any specials that you may have missed at the Expo!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Color Combo for January

Color combo choice for January is Fuschia and Navy Blue. What more do I have to say, this is like the ying and the yang, here you have something masculine for the Mr. and something girly for the Mrs. and besides that it is a unique combo, that can still be crazy and classy depending on how it is blended.

Wedding Giveaway in South Carolina

Buck Ridge Plantation, a luxurious resort located in the SC Midlands, and the award winning Four Moons restaurant announce that they offering a chance to win a wedding venue or weekend giveaway. To enter, register at or The giveaway, Wach My Proposal, is also being sponsored by WACH Fox 57. Official rules and photos are attached. Offer ends February 12, 2010. Once registered, the lucky couples will be chosen from among the entries.

• 1st place prize- Paid for wedding venue at Buck Ridge Plantation

• 2nd place prize- Romantic getaway at Buck Ridge Plantation coupled with a dynamic meal at the award winning Four Moons restaurant

Buck Ridge Plantation ( From the elegance of a banquet hall, the natural beauty of a gazebo or plantation house, or an outdoor wedding overlooking a picturesque lake, there is a great deal of flexibility in what is offered at Buck Ridge Plantation. Guests have a choice of deluxe guestrooms, private cabins, or executive suites in the newly built Edisto Manor. The Edisto Manor is a 5,400 sq ft stately antebellum-styled plantation house that features a 2,400 sq ft two level wrap-around porch and an exquisite bridal suite. Customized catering, led by an acclaimed executive chef, includes formal plated dinners and elegant stations. Guests also have access to outdoor activities, including hunting, golf, fishing, and swimming.

Four Moons ( Four Moons, the only AAA Four-Diamond restaurant in the Midlands, uses only the freshest ingredients and highest quality products available to prepare its amazing menu offerings. To accompany the world class cuisine, Four Moons boasts an extensive and award winning wine list with selections from across the globe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gift Certificates

We are now offering Gift Certificates! You can now add Rocquil's Special Moments on your gift registry or wish list! Family and friends will be able to purchase a gift certificate in any dollar amount, which will help absorb the cost of any of our planning, eent planning, linen rentals, chair cover rentals, invitations, decorations and any service that we offer. They can purchase them on our website and go to the Contact page, and put in your name and the amount, or they can contact us via phone (803) 347-7504

Bridal Expo

29th Annual St. Andrews Woman's Club

Bridal Showcase

Twenty-Nine Years of Wedded Bliss!
DATE: January 10, 2010
TIME: 12 Noon - 5:00 PM
PLACE: Americraft Cantey Building, State Fairgrounds, Columbia, SC
DESCRIPTION: Bridal Showcase will feature 100+ Exhibit Booths by Bridal Service Providers.
Fashion Shows at 1:30 and 4:00 PM
Grand Prize: Drawing for Fantastic Grand Prizes!!!!!
Admission: $5.00 for adults, $1.00 for children under 12 and free admission for children 2 and under.
**For more information

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Color of Roses

Red is the most commonly given color of roses. Red signifies love and passion. True red is the rose for lovers. Fiery red roses signify passion, while cardinal red symbolizes desire. Fully bloomed red roses best convey the message “I still love you,” while red rose buds are a way to express love for the first time.

Yellow roses signify friendship, familiar love, and domestic happiness. Yellow roses are also sometimes given as an expression of sympathy. A bouquet of yellow roses would be appropriate to give to a graduate upon graduation day or as a congratulatory gesture. Yellow roses are perfect for someone with a cheerful spirit.

Pink roses are symbolic of elegance, gentility, and poetic romance, yet they are not given the intense significance of red rose love. Pink roses are understood to be light-hearted and can signify admiration. Light pink signifies sympathy and friendship, while dark pink is symbolic of thankfulness and deep appreciation.

White roses sometimes adorn a bride-to-be on her wedding day. They symbolize unity, sincerity, loyalty, purity, and love stronger than death. White roses are sometimes mixed with red roses to emphasize love.

Orange roses symbolize an expression of pride or amazement, while peach roses symbolize appreciation and desire. A bouquet of orange roses would be appropriate for a graduate or to commemorate a promotion, while peach could express sincere appreciation for someone’s accomplishments.

Purple roses represent majestic glory and can symbolize eternal love, while lavender or lilac roses signify love at first sight or the beginning of true feelings. Purple roses are appropriate for wedding anniversaries beyond 25 years and as memorial flowers for a lost spouse. Deep purple roses should be reserved for intimate situations.

Black roses are symbolic of death. Many people view black roses as an omen, but they can signify change or rejuvenation on the horizon, as some rose buds appear black but then bloom into crimson red. The meaning of black roses may not be understood or well received as a gift, so you should avoid this color if you are at all unsure of the recipient’s beliefs.

These are just traditional defenitions to signify the color of roses, do not take it to the extreme that you change your wedding or event colors due to a defenition (smile) because you can give your own meaning to any flower!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Congrats Mr.and Mrs.Marion

Dr. Crystal Johnson and Mr. Frederick Marion were married on December 31, 2009. A very loving and sincere couple, that compliment each other so well, love was in the air the entire day!  Crystal and Frederick are really a couple that when they are given lemons in the begining of  a day, they will turn it into not just lemonade but a lemonade stand and make the lemons work for them! They really did it up right, they took 2009 out as hubby and wifey with a very regal (1st) first reception earlier that day, then later that evening they brought 2010 in with a (2nd) reception that allowed everyone to party, celebrate, relax, and enjoy the "Love Holiday"  theme of bringing in the New Year together. Their guest really received the royal treatment. Photos will be posted on the website gallery soon.