Thursday, November 19, 2009

Groom's Cake

I wanted to elaborate on "The Groom's Cake" due to the fact that over the past couple of months I have been ask time and again exactly what is it. A groom’s cake started out as a down South. Some people use to see it as an unnecessary expense,  so people start shying away from having a groom's cake and leaving this just for the elite southerners to partake in. Well now this down South tradition has expanded, to the North, East, and West. It is considered as a gift from the bride to the groom and 95% of the time is a big surprise to him. Now traditionally it was usually dark, made of all chocolate, and sometimes soak in liquor to symbolize, that it was masculine, which was totally opposite of the pure white flower adorn wedding cake. Not anymore, now the groom's cake is made to represent his favorite football team, hobby, job, candy, cigars, just about anything and usually comical.

You can showcase it at the wedding or dessert at the rehearsal dinner or later cut and put into boxes for guests to take home. Now there is suppose to be an old folktale  that years ago single women are supposed to sleep with a slice under their pillow the same night they receive it -- and if they do, they'll dream of their future husband, and in my opinion you will be dreaming about that mess up under your pillow.

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