Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please No Pictures!!

You may have been in a Bridal Boutique and seen a sign stating no cameras.  I know this can leave you puzzled as you stand there asking yourself why not?  It makes common sense to be able to try own wedding gowns, and take pictures to either show someone who was not bale to attend and you value their opinion, to be able to do a comparison of yourself in other dresses but having pictures side by side, having it to show your florist, hairdresser, or make-up artist. all of these reasons and more are valid and sincere reasons.  The reason for no cameras is to avoid copyright issues. You may tryon this fabolus designer gown that cost, $5,000 and can take a picture of that same gown to a talented and gifted seamstress, who can re-create the gown for almost 75% less. Where is the first place a bride usually see the gown of her dreams?...... "In a magazine" which is a picture (Duh) and the magazine pictures have more of a close-up, detailed, different angle, perfect lighting of the gown, than you ever would have taken with your Kodak. If you wanted to have the dress recreated, and nI am not promoting this.

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