Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wedding Planner or Wedding Director? (what's the difference)

There is a big difference between a Wedding Director and a Wedding Planner. A Wedding Director is usually the church lady (smile), a close friend or a family member who orchestrates your wedding rehearsal and ceremony only. Some churches will allow you to use only their Director for your ceremony. The Director key job is to make sure that everyone knows when and how to walk down the aisle, nothing more and nothing less. It is not a very hard task and this is why a lot of people, or so quick to raise their hands and say that they are a Wedding Planner, when in reality they are not! A Wedding Planner does the job of a Director and a lot more. A Wedding Planner is there at the very begining of the entire process. A Planner key jobs are being creative, providing you with vendors, decorating ideas and suggestions, knowledge of the wedding lingo and trends, relieve you of stress, spearheading meetings and events, keeping you on budget, problem solving, being dependable, and just putting your dreams into a reality.

A Wedding Director will usually cost you nothing, because it's a friend or family member, a Wedding Planner will cost you a fee, but you know what they say "you pay for what you get" so if you pay nothing you just might get nothing!  Hopefully this information should help guide you in the right direction.
Savonia R. Adams (Wedding Planner)

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