Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuxedo or Suit What's the Difference?

Tuxedo the jackets have a satin lapel and the pants have a satin stripe down the outside legs. Tuxedo shirts often have a pleated front, as well as being compatible with studs and cuff links, which now are being worn with just a plain dress shirt.. Patent leather shoes are worn with tuxedos. Cummerbund. is the long piece of satin fabric that wraps around the stomach area, and are worn with tuxedos, and especially at black tie affairs, and accompany with a bow tie. Traditionally, a tuxedo has a curved "shawl" lapel or a pointed "peak" lapel, but today, the majority of tuxedos have "notch" lapels like those of a common suit. Tuxedos also traditionally have only one button, compared to two or three on suits; but you rarely see this difference anymore

Suits have a self lapel (same fabric as the body of the coat), no satin stripe down the pants, with a plain front dress shirt and ordinary leather shoes are worn.

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