Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gifts for the Groomsmen??

Whenever it gets close to the wedding date, and I ask the groom "what gifts do you have for your groomsmen" I always get that dear stuck in the headlight look.  A lot of men never even knew that it was a traditon to get his wedding entourage a token gift of appreciation.  Getting gifts for groomsmen to me in my opinion is an easy task, because the guys are not really fussy, and could even care less. You can get individual gifts, that you know your guys would like and use, more so then getting the traditional cuff links, beer mug, or tie. If one of the guys are in college, get him a gift card to the campus bookstore or his favorite fast food spot, if all of you like golf then pay for everyone tee time, if one of them are traveling very far from out of town, pay for his hotel room, or maybe treat them to the haircut that is needed for the wedding. There are so many unique and personal things that can be done for groomsmen gifts. These gifts are exchanged during the rehearsal dinner.

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