Thursday, October 29, 2009


There is always a toss up between having invitations done professionally or going the DIY route. If you plan on making your own invitations, programs, Save-the-Dates, and place cards, then you need to ask yourself a few questions...1.Do you have enough time to complete the project by yourself ( do not bet on others who said they would help) 2. Do you have the knowledge, resources and experience to make sure it is not a DIY disaster. 3. Can you cover all of the expenses that may occur for extra ink, correct envelopes, extra cardstock which is  for major errors, and cutting fees (scissors will not do the trick) 4. Do you know the proper etiquette, layout, and appropriate fonts. Organization and preparations are the key role in DIY projects.
Now this is not to scare you but to prepare you. I have seen some successful DIY projects, so yes it can be done, but at least you know beforehand if this is something that you want to challenge yourself with.

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