Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Cake or Cup Cakes

When it comes to this Dessert debate, a lot of brides, mothers, and vendors have there own stern opinion on this.  Besides the traditional and expected 3 tier, 4 tier wedding cake, that we all look forward to after dinner, in the past decade there has been a surge in the trend of having a cupcake wedding cake, which is usually a display that holds a 6 or 8 inch top layer for the couple to cut, and then a variety of cupcakes, so that guest can grab it and go.  I went to a seminar that Sylvia Weinstock celebrity cake decorater was giving a lecture, and she does not even make cupcakes for weddings she strongly feels that they are for birthday parties only.  A lot of couples go this route because they feel that it is cheaper than a wedding cake, or they do not want the hassle of cutting up a large wedding cake.  I feel there are so many alternatives that you can do, with your same cupcake image but just jazz it up a little, to make it look a litlle more elegant. For example, have your 6 to 8 inch top tier wedding cake, but have a display of mini cakes that looks like the duplicate of your top tier, or petit fours. Recently my couple Rebecca and Will had a neat concept but they had mini cakes, and cheese cakes that were designed like tuxedos, and small presents, and the cake display stand was made by Rebecca and her Dad, and it turned out too be so cute, and elegant. Check out Rebecca and Will wedding cake display...

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