Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Websites

When it comes to wedding websites, I am the number 1 fan of them. They are really the best. Your friends and family will love reading your stories, leaving you guest book messages, viewing your pictures, and participating and following your wedding planning process through your website! You will also love the time saved by not having to answer the same informative questions pertaining to the planning of your wedding, your guest can just go to your website to find out directions, order of events, your theme, wedding colors, and even how you met.  This also will give them the opportunity to learn about the bride and groom on a personal note. There are a lot of free wedding websites, and some that have a monthly fee. Here are the links to some free websites...
or when all else fails just google free wedding websites, there are so many different ones out there.  so I highly reccomend you getting one, and you can update it after your honeymoon also.

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