Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trash the Dress

What is exactly "Trash the Dress" it is defined just how you see it. A lot of today's brides put days, months even years into finding that perfect dress, and paying a nice price tag to match. Then after the wedding they put this beautiful gown back on, and just let their alter ego bride come out, wheter it's taking a shot in the middle of the ocean, in a local junkyard, climbing a tree, or riding a horse on the beach. So it is still elegance but with an artistic edge. Me personally I love it! You have your wedding album with all these picture perfect shots of you in your gown, and then at the end of the album, there you are in a place that you would never imagine being in your weddin gown, and just carefree. If you dont want to ruin your gown, I suggest buying a nice wedding gown that you like, that is not costly and trash that gown instead. I have added some sample pictures

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