Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"You Can Have Whatever You Like"

When it comes to your wedding "You Can Have Whatever You Like" I know for those of you who are past, present, and future clients, have heard me say so many times "there is no rules and regulations" I have had clients who want to get married in November but choose the colors burnt orange, deep reds, and browns, just real beautiful fall colors, but the client did not like fall colors and she is using these colors only because someone said that you HAVE to use these colors because of the season. If your favorite color is mint or kiwi green, and this has always been your vision for your wedding and it is November, then guess what that's the  colors we are using !!! I never wanted a client to look back on their wedding photos and say I wish I should have could have :(  Your professional photos do not have a stamp in the corner showing the weather outside, and the season (LOL), so I say this because, I dont like to see clients struggling to have their visions, but at the same time trying to please others, or following traditon to the "T"
So I challenge you to go on the outsideof that box "It is real fun out here"

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