Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bridesmaids Reception Shoes

You want your girls to look so nice as the come down the aisle in the dress, you pick, the shoes you picked. I know as well as anyone after the ceremony along with yourself they can not wait to get out of those dreadful heels to either relax, dance or let their feet conform back to the orignial shape, but the thing I have notice is that your girls along with yourself are in these beautiful gowns, but then you look down and one has on her grandmother's slide in bedroom shoes, another has on her hospital crocs, another has on a pair of bedazzle flip flops, another has on her custom Air Force Ones, another has been barefoot so long that you can not tell if she has on shoes or not, but they all still want to jump into your reception photos while partying. I suggest fun flip flops in your wedding color, or black or white which is universal, or tell them they can wear casual dressy flats, but still in the color scheme ...OR better yet let that be a gift from you to them to add to their goodie bags, because let's see Flip Flops about $2.00 $Priceless

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