Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am not a make-up artist nor do I portray to be one, but I know the difference between, "a natural look and you must be out of your natural mind look" In my opinion I feel that on your wedding day, and any special event you may be attending. Just to enhance and highlight the beauty that you have. Be cautious of who apply your make-up... I have more Don'ts than Do's

Don't let  a person who everyone including yourself, call her "Bozo the clown" do your make-up because then you will become "Bozo new sidekick "Ronald McDonald"

Don't put make-up on on top of your make-up from that night's bachelorette party.

Don't put make-up on in the car on the way to the church, and drive over a speed bump and now you look like a one eye racoon.

Don't let anyone put on your make-up and there is no mirror around, and they tell you that you can look at it later. is some visual aid and you can tell what is to much and whats not, and if you can not tell the difference, please proceed to your nearest hardware store and get some paint stripper, because that eyeshadow you are wearing right now is blurring your vision

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