Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Band or DJ

When it comes to Entertainment at Weddings and other celebrated events, some people straddle the fence between DJ and Band. It really depends on the atmosphere,theme,and your personality. If you are having a very small casual backyard, intimate wedding with maybe twenty-five guest, it would defeat the purpose of having a full twelve piece band. That will cost you four times more than your wedding. A DJ can really play a variety of songs,take requests in a matter of seconds,can blend and mix all at the same time, and keep the crowd moving without an intermission break. A band is more so of a visual entertainment, especally if you have a band that has a lot of spunk, and interacts with the crowd, and make you feel like the artist of the song is right there performing the song themselves. If you were to do both I suggest the band to play like jazz tunes for the Cocktail Hour, and slow melodies for the dinner, then your DJ can pick up the remainder of the night after dinner, to keep everyone on the floor, and having a good time all night long. So again when making the choice it really depends on your style, and what you would enjoy the most.

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