Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why is June the #1 Month for Weddings

I have been asked several times, about why is June the most popular month for weddings, and sometimes can be the most costly. Far as cost I do know at times it is hard to get a vendor to offer any discounts, coupons, or specials due to the fact that they are not really competing for clients, June is one of the months that get booked up at least a year in advance, and you are competing with graduations, and other summer events. So if you were to turn a vendor down or take your time retaining them, it is usually other people anxiously waiting on your date. Now what has made the month so popular for so many centuries? Well historically, it has to do with an ancient Roman goddess named "Juno" who was the Roman goddess of marriage. Many Romans chose to honor her by tying the knot in June. Like a lot of traditions, this one stuck.


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