Monday, February 8, 2010

12 Earthly Symbols for a Traditional African Wedding

There are 12 Meaningful Earthly Symbols for Traditional African Weddings.  You will need a table, and  a person that is responsible for handing the items to the bride and groom, during the ceremony. Here are the items and it's meaning...

1. Wine : The mixing of blood of 2 Families

2. Wheat: Fertility & the giving of life & land

3. Pepper: In Heated Times That Families May Experience & Avert

4. Sea Salt: Fresh Healing and Preservation of Marriage

5. Bitter Herbs: Growing Pains of Married Life

6. Rain Water: Cool Roads, Purification, Dissolution of Any Problems

7. Iron Pot & Spoon: Healthy food that build strong Marriage & Family

8. Broom: Cleanliness' of Health, Living as-one happy beings, sweeping away the old and beginning married life together

9. Honey & Cinnamon: Sweet Love Always between the couples & blessing from the ( "Love Goddess of Honey "Oshun)

10. Warrior Machete: Protection of the Sanctity of home and worldwide communities

11. Queens Shield & Crown: Honor & Pride of Home

12. Four Cowry Shells: Truthfulness, Prophecy, Lifetime Divination in the Marriage & Fertility

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