Thursday, February 11, 2010

African Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire
Depending on where they are from, the African bride's attire will represent the area with exciting colors and meaningful designs. Some African-American couples choose to convey their heritage through clothing. The possibilities are endless. It can be as simple as bridesmaids wrapped in African shawls and groomsmen with Kente cloth cummerbunds and bowties, or as elaborate as the groom and groomsmen in traditional Nigerian garb called agbada. In Ghana, Kente is used as wedding attire for the bridal party. Nigerian brides and bridesmaids typically don a bubah, an elegant four piece ensemble that includes a long outer wrap and matching headpiece. Today's brides may also choose to wear an African-inspired gown with African Adinkra symbols included in the fabric. The brides may wear their hair in braids with ornaments on their wrists and necks bejeweled.

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