Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worthy Workshops

Sherika V. Washington is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. She has enjoyed public speaking and creative writing since childhood. Presently, she has over one hundred completed poems and fifty short stories in progress.

In 2005, Sherika published her first collection of poems, in a book titled "Speak Life".Sherika has had several opportunities to share her poetry and speak life to the community.
Worthy Workshops is a variety of workshops facilitated by Sherika, with a goal to encourage, inspire, and catapult all to greatness, she will speak wisdom from a heart filled with love. The workshops available at this time include: Ladies “L” is for Love (promotes TRUE self-love), No More Baby Mama Drama (strategies and tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your children’s mother), Aspiring Creative Writers (exposure to traditional and non-traditional venues open to aspiring writers), Express Yourself Youth (techniques for young people to express their opinions and emotions positively in order to avoid being misunderstood), and finally Speak Life (exposes the dangers of negative speaking and the urgency of speaking positively in all situations).
 If you would like to request  Sherika as a keynote speaker or present these workshops to your organizations, or would like to register and attend any upcoming events, please log onto:

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