Thursday, February 25, 2010

Save - the - Date

What is a Save-the-Date? A Save-the-Date notice is an item stating the date of a wedding or any other formal event. It typically states the date when a couple plans to marry, or when a special event will occur. I highly reccomend using them if your eent is going to take place on a holiday, weekday, or will be a grand destination to those you are inviting.A destination wedding do not always mean that your wedding is out of the country, on a beautiful island. A destination wedding can be that for your guest who may live in New York but your wedding is in California, thetn hey would need as much notice to prepare if it was on an island.
When do you send them? you can send them out as early as 12 months in advance especially if it is a destination wedding, but usually 6 to 8 months befor e the wedding is fine.
Do I send one to everybody? No, you are not required to send a Save the Date to everyone on your guest list. Many brides cut costs here by sending Save the Dates only to those guests who will be traveling or who will likely need to make arrangements far in advance.
Do not send a Save the Date to anyone who will not be receiving a wedding invitation.
I am a big fan of the magnet Save-the-Date, so that way they are not lost in a cluttered draw, they usually will be on the person fridge, and you can laways add magnets to the Save-the-Date yourself.

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