Monday, February 22, 2010


Quanita McFarlan was reared in Columbia South Carolina and is the founder and CEO of Fingerprints, which is a unique concept of custom jewelry designs. Fingerprints offers exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, comprised of Natural Stone, Bone and/or Wood. Each piece is designed to optionally coordinate with a specific ensemble, or for any desired purpose. The inspiration for the concept of Fingerprints was derived from our Heavenly Father. When He created our individual fingerprints, He custom crafted them, without replication. Thus, no two human beings in the world have the same fingerprints. Each piece of jewelry affiliated with Fingerprints is custom crafted, and not duplicated! Therefore, every recipient will have their own special piece that no one else has! Fingerprints produces wearable art. When it comes to custom jewelry design, the possibilities are endless and exclusivity is priceless!

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