Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday and Sunday is Cheaper $$$

Getting married on a Saturday is the most popular day all over the world, for so many reasons, one it gives your guest time to come in town that Friday, and get some rest and leave out on that Sunday and make it to work on Monday morning. With that date being so popular it is not hard for a venue to fill that date. If you still feel strong about getting married on a weekend, then I reccomend a Friday or Sunday wedding, which can save you a lot of money, and out of those two days, a Sunday wedding can save you much more. For example if there is a venue that charges $2,100 to rent on a Saturday but $1,000 on a Friday and $700.00 on a Sunday. WOW what a differene a day can make. If your wedding is filled with close family and friends, and you send them a Save-the-Date so that they can prepare in advance, I say why not aim for a Friday or Sunday.  Also keep in mind that a  lot of the wedding vendors will offer you a discount as well, but be advised you have to ask for these discounts, they are not going to volunter.

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