Friday, February 26, 2010

How to be a Good Wedding Guest

There is an etiquette associated with being a wedding guest. If you are attending a wedding in the near future, here are some tips and etiquette rules so you can be the kind of wedding guest that couples appreciate and love.

When invitations to weddings arrive in the mail, do you find yourself glancing telling yourself you will RSVP later when you have more time? If you want to be a fantastic wedding guest, check your schedule as soon as you get your invitation and send it back immediately. Many couples rely solely on the RSVPs to get a head count for catering and seating so always send in the RSVP. If a situation arises where you will no longer be able to attend, call so they can take you off the final headcount and save money.

Be sure to dress appropriately for the wedding. Wearing t-shirts, jeans,sweat pants, hoodies or sneakers is never acceptable and  you may say "who would wear that" well I have seen it, and just because your son is 16 it is not acceptable for him to come dress in that manner also. If you are attending a religious ceremony that is different from your own, you may want to research what is deemed appropriate. For example, at a Muslim wedding, you would probably not want to wear a short skirt and sleeveless shirt, out of respect for the Muslim culture.

Never bring uninvited guests. Someone's wedding is not a hang out event, or a community workshop. If the invitation says your name only, that means only you are invited. If the invitation states that you and one guest are invited, bring only one guest. Across the universe one plus one equals two not four and five!  Do not call up the bride and groom and ask if you can bring an extra guest with you. If the invitation also includes your children, then if they start to get noisy or begin crying in the middle of the ceremony, immediately take them outside.

Be sure to get to the wedding on time. There is nothing more distracting than listening to the bride and groom reciting their vows and having somebody walk in during the middle of this interchange and you clickety-clack all the way down the aisle to find a seat. If you are unable to get to the wedding on time, then proceed to the reception site.

When taking pictures during the ceremony and reception, always be mindful of the professional photographer that is on hand taking pictures for the couple. Sure, you want to get great shots, but the couple is paying for the photographer to be there, so stay out of the way.

Stay at the reception until the very end. I have attended way too many reception where more than half of the guests leave after eating, leaving the room half empty. Keep in mind how you would feel if half of your friends or relatives left right after they ate. Have fun and be available to send the couple off at the end of the night!

Sure, there may be an open bar, but that is not an open invitation to get drunk. Drink in moderation so you can avoid embarrassing yourself and the couple, and so you can get home safely afterwards.

If you follow these tips you are on your way to being a good wedding guest, and people would enjoy inviting you in the future, to other events

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