Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colors can Cost $$$

There are so many beautiful colors out there that have been fused and blended together to create a brand new color, like for example a new color called Lemon Sprinkle, in which the first thing you think is "yellow" but it has a yellow tone, but yet have like a pink hue, so it's like really hard to figure out which is which, then a color called Coral of Craze which is hints of orange, pinks, and some peach, all mixed into one.  Having these unique colors is a very good thing and out of the box thing to do, BUT just keep in mind that sometimes these new colors can cost you extra bucks. You may have to get your linen custom order or custom made, a lot of things for your decor will have to be either dyed or tinted, sometimes it is difficult to find accesories for your bridesmaids and the list can go on.  If the new color is something that you really love, I would suggest 1. Let it be your accent color, so that way it is complimenting another color that is not difficult to work with, or 2. If it is your dominate color then try to make everything else around it stay in the neutral tones, far as linens and decor, and decide on what things that you would be willing to put the cost into getting customized in your unique colors. you can have a neutral table, with creams, and ivory and a centerpiece that reflect a neutral tone and maybe greenery, and let your menu card, and or napkins be in the unique color which will pop off of the neutral background, because custom napkins are cheaper than custom linens.

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